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Touch Bible KJV +

This is an excellent App and totally operative under iOS4.1.2 The Bookmark feature easy to activate. Quick access to Strongs Concordance. Worth a lot more than the $0.99 price.

Touch bible .99cents!!!

It is so wonderful, as I study so much. thank you, thank you.

It says voice over

Clearly it does not sya it out loud not even one word

Church or Christ

Its very fast, convien,t and correct so far.

kinda laggy

its very helpful in my studys but why not add the strongs instead of just the number? I would pay for that update!

Takes a while to load yet jumps the gun

The program takes a while to load (granted, I *am* using a 1st gen iPhone). Using the Dial-A-Verse feature to load chapters is great, but the program insists on loading the book, then each chapter, then each verse, all while youre still trying to dial. (If they could fix this in an update so that everything loads only when you click "done" -- or at least have that option -- it would be great!). That being said, the Strongs is helpful, and the search feature is nice, especially for the app only being $0.99 to buy it. I just dislike the loading time issue.

Great application

Easy to use would he nice if it included the Apocrypha.

Totally Unbelievable

When Strongs Concordance was a big, fat, heavy book weighing in at a hefty 8-10 pounds, it was an amazing body of work that could help you decode the meaning of the words in the bible without knowing greek or hebrew--Strongs did that all for you by annotating each and every word of the bible with the cross-referenced meanings. It was great but really a hassle to use because you had to flip through all the pages. But with this gem, its all in the palm of your hand. The *entire* Strongs concordance is in this app. Amazing. The program is really easy to use and comes along with the entire King James bible since the original editions of Strongs was based upon the KJV. This is worth at least 20 times the cost of the mere $.99 you are paying for this app. The interface of this app is great and all you have to do is touch on the word you want to research and *zap* the original meaning in greek or hebrew screens up. It also gives you the original cross-reference number in case you actually *want* to look it up in your original book version. No more page flipping to research through Strongs with this app. lol.

Poor search tool

The app is very good, but the search tool needs improvement, it is too broad, gives too many results, not able to narrow your searches.

Touch Bible (KJV + Strongs)

This was definitly worth the money. No problems in using it as it is self explanitory. Have fun.


this is the first app that I have ever purchased and it is much more difficult to operate than my free youversion bible app. My youversion gives me multiple versions to use and is very user friendly. This app works sometimes and sometimes it dont, it will stick on a book, chapter and verse and wont let me navigate off of it to call up another scripture etc... It has been a great dissapointment to me!!!


For one it is slow going from verse to verse even though it only $.99 they need to fix

Very good for Bible study

very nice app and good information on hand. It would be nice to have an option to turn off the verse highlither if we do not want to search the concordance. also in the verse search to be able to search by book not just by OT or NT. Beside the KJV it is also nice to have another translation. I know that strongs only work with KJV.

PLEASE answer my question

In the search screen, it sometimes pops up the phrase "try switching translations.". Im assuming thats from Hebrew to Greek. I cant figure out how. How on earth can you do that? Thank you so much and may the Lord bless you!

Good as a search aid

Thats it good for a concordance terrible as a bible i dont like the balloons if you want to improve it make a plain text screen for easy reading also a complete book scroll would be nice

it lags alot!

please speed up the dial a verse thing, and make and just delete landscape mode. i still really like the strongs concordance though.

Touch bible KJV

I had been for a portable software like this for years. The access to the original Greek and Hebrew is great for studies. Will buy the loaded edition soon

Great appp

Im having an issue with the dial a verse its not coming up for me and there is no instructions on how to do so can seine please help me ?!?

Sorry, but needs work

The search doesnt work very well. I dont seem to have a dial. And most importantly in your "notes", I quote "Notes sent across internet in such a way that they may be viewed by others." "Notes will be sent to website "" for processing???" Whats up with that? My notes are personal, not made for any eyes but mine and my Lords. Not yours or anyones unless I choose. Personally, I do not like that. You have some good ideas, and if it were as you described, but as is, it doesnt work for me, sorry.

Copying sections to notes

Just recently updated the app and now the number of the verses are not all to the left side of the page, but are now staggered making it way too difficult to copy & paste to notes section for my thoughts on a verse/section. Not sure I like the paleness of the highlighted concordance words....not enough contrast for ease of use. I paid for this app specifically for the concordance and whether the contrast is changed through settings or not misses the point, as the previous version was more intuitive, at least for what I used it for. I do like the layout of the seems more graphic and has more immediate examples of words in context.

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